[ENG] Over PLN 15,000,000 – this is the amount invested by the American Heart of Poland Group in the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital in Drawsko Pomorskie from April 2022.

Expansion of the helipad, modernisation of the hybrid operation room and haemodynamics room, purchase of highly specialised medical equipment – these are examples of investment projects carried out last year alone.


The American Heart of Poland Group took over the management of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital in Drawsko Pomorskie on April 1st, 2022. Since then, a number of projects have been implemented to improve the quality of services and work comfort, resulting in more effective protection of the health and lives of patients.


Increase in the value of the contract with the National Health Fund


The American Heart of Poland Group operates within the public healthcare system. Thanks to the agreement with the West Pomeranian Regional Branch of the National Health Fund, the value of the contract for 2022 was increase by over PLN 15 million. As a result, over 500 more surgical procedures were performed at the hospital than in 2021, and the number of patients undergoing treatment has increased. This will have a positive impact on the value of the contract in 2023. The higher value means that the Hospital will be able to perform more medical procedures and provide care to more patients in the region.


Investment in the hospital helipad


The flagship project is the expansion of the helipad at the Hospital. It has been adapted to the requirements of larger and heavier helicopters – apart from the Medical Air Rescue helicopters, it will also be suitable for use by military machines. Thanks to this investment, patients requiring urgent medical intervention will receive faster assistance and the hospital will become more important in the province.


More medical doctors and nurses


Since April 2022, the Hospital has increased the number of medical personnel by 127. Among others, additional 44 doctors, 40 nurses and midwives, and 34 support staff members have been employed. The number of employments contracts has also increased. The American Heart of Poland Group is investing in additional training for medical, nursing and administrative staff.


New highly specialised equipment


Medical devices and equipment have been purchased, including a CT scanner, angiographic apparatus, ultrasound machines, defibrillators. Modern technologies and solutions increase the chances of early diagnosis and effective treatment.


Modernisation of the Hospital Emergency Ward


This is the next stage of developments in the hospital in Drawsko, which will make residents across the district feel safer. The ward has been equipped with new appliances that improve the hospitalisation conditions for patients and the efficiency of the medical services provided.


13 Specialist Outpatient Clinics


Statistics show a significant increase in post-pandemic cardiovascular and neurological diseases. In some regions of the country, an increase of up to 40 per cent in the number of myocardial infarctions has been reported. In order to meet the needs of patients in the Drawsko region, the Hospital consistently implements a post-heart attack care programme – KOS-zawał [Comprehensive Specialist Care after Myocardial Infarction], which offers cardiac consultations and rehabilitation to patients after a heart attack. Due to the increase of the number of strokes, the Drawsko facility will also provide care for neurological patients.


From February 1, the Neurology Outpatient Clinic will start operating 4 days a week under the contract with the National Health Fund. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lifestyle diseases is the mission of the whole American Heart of Poland Group, carried out in more than 20 facilities in the country.


The “Z sercem do Pacjenta” [With Heart to Patient] Foundation – free education meetings for patients.


As part of the corporate social responsibility, the American Heart of Poland Group runs a number of social programmes aimed at health education. The “Z sercem do Pacjenta” Foundation organises free meetings – Patient Clubs. Medical specialists share their knowledge on the prevention of lifestyle diseases such as obesity, strokes and myocardial infarctions, and participants can receive free examinations and consultations. Last year, almost 200 people attended meetings in May and November, the next meeting of the Patient Club is planned for March.


Extension of the hospital


The concept of the extension of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital involves increasing the area of the hospital by 2,400 square metres. Among others, an operating block and a delivery room (3 operating theatres) will be created. And a new transport system will be implemented to facilitate the transport of patients.


In summary, thanks to the implementation of the investment plan, the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Hospital in Drawsko Pomorskie has gained importance in the region, and patients from several counties have access to modern technologies and high-level specialised care. Further investments and changes to raise the level of medical services in the facility are planned for the next year.