American Heart of Poland

Our operations

American Heart of Poland (AHP) Group is the largest network of hospital departments specializing in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It was created 20 years ago by a team of physicians from Poland and the United States. The group comprises Polish-American Heart Clinics – over 20 departments of interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery in Poland. The AHP network offers treatment for patients with various forms of acute coronary syndrome (including acute myocardial infarction), peripheral atherosclerosis, cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disorders, heart failure and cardiac defects. The facilities cooperate with the emergency departments of regional and district hospitals, thus supporting emergency medical services. The entities associated with AHP provide comprehensive cardiovascular care, including prevention and prophylaxis, treatment and rehabilitation so that patients can fully return to normal activities. The network employs over 300 reputable cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons. The American Heart of Poland Group offers highly innovative services, e.g. elective procedures involving one-day hospitalization, and comprehensive treatment of atherosclerosis in any affected vessels.

Our mission involves:

  • Improving the availability of cardiovascular procedures and their quality in Poland.
  • Providing comprehensive and continuous medical care to patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Introducing advanced technologies and organizational innovations in medicine, in cooperation with public and private partners.
  • Offering medical services with an optimized effectiveness to cost ratio, attractive for public and private payers.
  • Establishing conditions for investments in the sustainable and stable medical company.