American Heart of Poland

Full professor, PhD in Medical Science, cardiac surgeon. Co-founder of American Heart of Poland (AHP). Member of the General Board of the Polish Cardiac Society. Professor and staff member at the Medical University of Silesia, from which he graduated in 1973. He specialises in cardiac surgery, general surgery and angiology. He gained experience at the leading cardiac centres in Poland (Warsaw, Poznań, Cracow, Zabrze) and abroad, including at the National Heart Institute in London or Cardiothoracic Department in Leicester (Great Britain), at Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Oxford Radcliffe Hospital, and the Deborah Heart and Lung Center – Browns Mills (USA).

Since 1973, he has worked at the department of cardiac Surgery in Zabrze, initially under the supervision of Prof. Tadeusz Paliwoda. Between 1984 – 1988, he was a deputy of Prof. Zbigniew Religa, with whom he performed the first successful heart transplants and the first implementation of the Mechanical Heart Assist System in heart failure. Professor Bochenek was the founder of the acclaimed 1st Department of Cardiac Surgery at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice Ochojec, which he managed for 25 years (until 2013). The department provided surgical treatment for many thousands of patients, as well as training for a new generation of specialists in cardiac surgery and general surgery.

Prof. Bochenek participated in and coordinated a number of international scientific studies, including ART., ASSERT, CT-CP003, FREEDOM, HA-008, INO-1001, RSD 1235, RIME, STICH and SYNTAX. He is the author of 225 scientific publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, and of 17 chapters in medical textbooks. He is a lecturer at prestigious scientific conferences in Poland and abroad.

Professor Bochenek is a member of scientific societies, such as the Polish Cardiac Society, the Polish Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, the European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery, the International Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons (ISCTS), the Society of Cardiothoracic Section of Great Britain & Ireland and Society of Minimal Invasive Surgery.

He was awarded with the Gloria Medicine Medal of the Polish Medical Society and Computer Honor Awards Medal for his contribution to the development of cardiac surgery. Prof. Bochenek received the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta and Platinum Laurel of Skills and Competence, as well as numerous awards for research from the Minister of Health, Rector of the Medical University of Silesia, Polish Cardiac Society and Voivode of Silesia.

Interventional cardiologist and researcher, General Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Research and Development of American Heart of Poland, and Director of the 2nd Department of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery, Polish-American Heart Clinics in Bielsko-Biała. He is an associate professor at the Chair of Physical Therapy in Internal Diseases, at the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. He has been associated with the AHP Group since 2004. Previously, he had been Chief Medical Officer for Development at the 10th Division of the Polish-American Heart Clinics in Tychy. Professor Milewski is associated with the Polish Cardiac Society, the European Society of Cardiology, the Cardiovascular Intervention Association at the Polish Cardiac Society, and the Commission of Grants and Scientific Research at the Polish Cardiac Society. He graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.

Scientific achievements: The total impact factor (IF) is 251.631 (analysis performed in May 2019), the h-index: 14, Research Gate Score: 41.61.

Professor Milewski participated in the following clinical studies:

  1. Aegis II – Principal Investigator
  2. Merit V – Principal Investigator
  3. Twilight – Principal Investigator
  4. Absorb Compare – Principal Investigator
  5. Dessolve OCT – Principal Investigator
  6. Milano – Principal Investigator
  7. Dessolve III– Principal Investigator
  8. Themis – Principal Investigator
  9. Culprit-Shock – Principal Investigator
  10. Bionics and Nireus
  11. Excel
  12. River PCI
  13. Alex OCT
  14. Level
  15. Le Mans
  16. Stradivarius
  17. IBIS-2
  18. Plato
  19. Leaders
  20. Clinical study to assess the effectiveness and safety of angioplasty of renal arteries combined with stent implantation.
  21. Clinical studies to assess self-expandable nitinol coronary stents.